Strategic Alliances

We have a close strategic working and operational relationship with selected companies. The following bolster our skills and service offering to the Energy sector.

sbs-logoSinclair Bay Subsea

Sinclair Bay Subsea Limited offers experienced Subsea Engineers to the drilling sectors and a storage and repair facility to the Oil, Gas and Renewables industries. SBS have a significant secure yard with 2 x 20t gantry cranes, forklifts, floodlighting, and a large indoor warehouse.

Their core business is Subsea Equipment and services, however they offer secure long-term storage for all Oilfield, Decommissioning and Renewable Energy Equipment. They ensure that all equipment is stored, maintained, and protected correctly include cleaning, inspecting, install/remove flotation, pressure testing, winterising and project manage repairs if required. Due to the high dollar cost of subsea equipment they understand that they provide a critical service and therefore only utilise experienced Subsea Engineers.

sbs-logoStep Change Engineering

Step Change Engineering are challenging and changing the way engineering is delivered.
At Step Change Engineering we adopt a unique and innovative approach to reduce both project delivery schedule and cost. We achieve this by collaborating with our partners to look at the complete lifecycle of a scope, removing non-essential engineering activities and maximising the use of fit-for-purpose technological applications.

The Team at Step Change Engineering are regarded by their peers as the best in their respective fields. Recognising the challenges associated with maintaining ageing oil and gas assets, we have come together to create a dynamic company environment which fosters innovation, flexibility, efficiency and commitment.

Small engineering projects are our top priority with Director level involvement on each contract. Everyone at Step Change Engineering takes ownership of projects to ensure successful delivery.