Team History

James Mowat (founder of MTDS Ltd) decided to pull together his network of considerable energy expertise in 2014 to re-establish Caledonia Green Innovation (CGI) as a major force in the industry. The business has a range of clients across the country, with 70% of its service going to Oil and Gas sectors and 30% to Nuclear and Renewable. Having outsourced their smaller fabrications up until now, it quickly became imperative for the business to open a production facility to enable them to both bring production in house and grow the scale of their capability. With this growth CGI is looking to recruit 40 new employees. Our new production facility has state of the art manufacturing and fabrication equipment for any client requirements.

blank-profile-hiJames Mowat

Technical Director

James started as a fitter/turner apprentice with Rolls Royce & Associates at their nuclear submarine test facility at Vulcan. After a 4 year apprenticeship, James worked on submarines across various MoD facilities in the UK undertaking upgrades to reactors and primary systems. After a transfer into the design office, he stayed for a further 7 years as a mechanical design engineer. On leaving RR James set up his own design company, working mainly for the UK atomic Authority in Dounreay. He grew the company to a £2 million turnover and widened the client base to the utility & energy sectors. More recently James also invented and developed a unique patented hydro turbine which has developed huge interest from various markets in South America and Asia.