As a leading energy sector service provider, our proposition is to deliver quality, value, reduce risk and innovation to energy companies and their contractors. The energy industry is one of Scotland’s biggest success and it’s vital for economic growth to continue. The quality of expertise and experience across the Scottish Highland’s with regards to oil, gas, nuclear and renewables, is globally sector-leading and because of this our skill sets are exported around the world.

Whether you are a public-sector organisation or commercial business, Caledonia Green Innovation can help you identify and quantify the potential of your project, and deliver the plan, operation and support to make it happen. Our Consultancy Service can help build the connections your staff and customers demand, and ensure you harness the value of the technology and skills at your fingertips. This includes fabrication & manufacture, design, survey, load-out, transport and installation, decommissioning and removal of on-shore & offshore structures, all across the oil, gas, nuclear & renewable energy sectors.

Our independent, expert advice will help you meet your challenges. Our team supports you throughout your project, from strategic planning and solution design right through to project implementation. You will find we are always pragmatic and highly experienced as we understand that what really matters is what works for you. With our consultants at your side we’ll make your projects a successful reality.