Structural Survey & Analysis

In the harsh, competitive environment of offshore operations, the need to ensure rigs and other marine vessels are fit for purpose, reliable and safe, is constant and of paramount importance. Survey and inspection plays a critical part in maintaining these hugely valuable assets, extending their working life, productivity and in turn profitability. The ability to manoeuvre into normally inaccessible areas by means of ROV, abseil access or diver, enables us to provide a full range of inspection services from Non Destructive Testing (NDT) to Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Dye Penetrant Inspection (DPI) and Eddy Current Inspection. Should surveying identify issues we can quickly react to this, whether it be general maintenance such as blasting and painting, or more structural issues requiring welding, steel work, fabrication and electrical services.

CGI has a proven track record in Survey & Analysis, with a comprehensive range of legislative survey and inspection services, delivered by a highly skilled and experienced team. We are available on a quick routine response to provide safe, best value solutions.

Our thorough inspection processes cover all areas from upper and lower sections of your derrick stem. This can include all platforms, ladders, braces, safety gates, connection plates, bolts and fasteners to derrick out fittings. This often also includes wind walls, pipework, safety slings and lifting equipment.

Our team consists of multi‐disciplined engineering specialists who’s core structural analysis service provides support to many sectors. Tasks undertaken include static (linear and non‐linear) analysis, fatigue & damage tolerance through to multi‐body dynamics.

Within the team are specialists with extensive experience in the design and assessment of:

  • Civil and military aircraft
  • Rail and road vehicles
  • Building structures
  • Process equipment and pipelines

Analysis considers current design codes utilising the latest versions of software packages including: PATRAN, NASTRAN, ABAQUS, ANSYS, NASGRO, CAESAR II, MATHCAD, Dyna 3D and PSA5.
The following outlines just some of the other specific areas we cover:

Subsea & Pipelines

  • Buckling and Spanning
  • Structural Integrity and Survivor ability
  • Upheaval and On-Bottom Stability
  • Thermal Behaviour
  • Umbilical handling systems


  • Structural Integrity
  • Fatigue Assessments
  • Lifting Assessments

Marine & Drilling

  • Hull and Deck Strength Assessments
  • Downhole Tooling Design
  • Laser Scanning and dimensional control surveys reducing clashes & allowing 3D modeling of current assets
  • Assessing new plant and equipment special requirement to ensure items can fit into there final position first time!