Naval Architecture

With a dedicated division of key skilled team members, CGI are able to transfer their full range of services to the Naval Architecture sector. We are able to provide a whole host of engineering, survey, fabrication, design and operational skills for both on and off-shore Naval Architecture projects. These are broken down into four key areas:

Service, Conversion, Upgrade & Repair
Many valuable assets need to serve a long life and the ability to maintain, service and change the utility of these vessels is key given the often high initial investment. We work with clients to establish their current and future needs, involving them through the design service to ensure our solution meets their unique and often highly regulated needs.

Our Naval Architects cover the following key areas:

  • Structural extensions and upgrades
  • Accommodation design, upgrade & modifications
  • RoRo fixed & hoistable ramp design / modifications
  • Mooring equipment
  • Tank reconfiguration & system design / re-design
  • FE analysis
  • Draughting services

Stability Assessments

CGI have partnered with Autoship Systems Corporation who continue to set industry standards by meeting customer needs precisely and efficiently with their Autoload® product line. Autoload is the market-leading onboard stability and stowage planning software.

Autoload solution allows us to customise and correctly asses your vessels to meet your specific stability and cargo management requirements. This system can be linked with stowage planning modules specific to your vessel type including bulk (dry or liquid), break bulk, ro-ro, container, offshore or any combination.

Utilising Autoship Systems software and an array of other techniques, we can undertake intact and damage stability studies on a wide variety of vessels and platforms. Recording to the most common Marine Warranty standards; SOLAS 2009, the Stockholm Agreement, DVH Rules, SPS Code & MODU Code.

Specific areas we cover include:

  • Intact stability & Inclining experiments
  • Damage stability calculations with any flooded compartments
  • Onboard stability & loading programmes
  • Vessel hull global strength during the transportation operation
  • Damage control plans and documents
  • Computer modelling
  • Trim & stability documentation
  • Loading manuals
  • Cargo securing manuals
  • Crew training

Onboard Surveys

CGI are regularly required to work off-shore on platforms & vessels to undertake a whole range of surveys. This is very much a ‘key requirement’ for our clients and we view this as part of our ‘standard’ service in this sector. Our highly knowledgeable team have a wealth of experience in the surveying of off-shore sites and this enables us to offer a wide range of survey techniques covering:

  • Steel & structural surveys
  • Ultrasonic thickness/depth surveys
  • Inclining experiments
  • Lightweight / deadweight surveys
  • Damage, buckling & stress surveys
  • Hard to access areas

Newbuild & Drydocking Support

The intricacies of newbuild regularly require Naval Architects to be present on site and at short notice to help support and even lead on a project. Having this resource allows clients to rely, in real time, on our in-depth knowledge resulting in decisions being made quicker & time being saved. This trust builds strong relationships both with the vessel manufacturer and Client resulting in a more effective build to a tighter specification. A few of the key areas that need to be considered:

  • Preliminary design with feasibility, strength and stability analysis
  • Specification writing and review
  • Plan approvals and design review
  • Draughting services
  • Provision of Class approved fabrication drawings
  • Ship structural access manuals
  • MARPOL Annex II procedures and arrangements manuals
  • SOPEP manuals
  • LSA training manuals
  • Fire safety operational booklets
  • Paint area calculations